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Trafficboost supercharges your social media accounts to generate more traffic, leads and sales.

All growing businesses run into the same fundamental problem. They need more traffic, leads and ultimately, customers.

Does this sound familiar?

You create great content for your site or blog, post links to your social media accounts and see a spike in traffic. But over time, the traffic dies down, and all that effort feels just a little bit wasted. Even worse, the fantastic content you’ve created doesn’t get seen by the people that could really benefit from it.

Only a small percentage of your followers will see each update you make on social media. Not everyone logs in every day, when they do, they don’t scroll through every update in their timeline and the social networks non chronological feed algorithms mean that your updates may not even appear at the top of their feeds.

There is a really simple, obvious solution...

...repost links to your social media accounts! The more people that see your update, the more traffic your content you will receive.

Not only that, your updates will receive more shares, retweets, likes and favorites which causes your content to show up in your follower’s follower’s feeds!

And when people share links to your content from their social accounts and websites, your content’s visibility and quality score increases, helping your SEO and provides even more organic traffic from search engines.

Of course, keeping on top of sending out regular updates on your content can be a time consuming process, and that time could be better spent working on your business.

Trafficboost solves this for you. Here’s how...

  1. You enter the updates that you would like to post to your social accounts into our content library.
  2. You set a schedule and we will automatically post to your accounts (even whilst you are sleeping!).
  3. Sit back and relax (or get to work on creating more great content) and enjoy increased traffic to your site.
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